Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alaska Trip My first trip to Alaska is now history. I flew to Anchorage and then we flew to Homer and then off to Geographic bay via the plane in the above picture. We stayed on two boats anchored together. We were lucky to have two since the room size was very small and having two people in one room with all the photo equipment would have been difficult. The weather for the whole trip was rainy off and on. The Anchorage area had about the ninth rainiest August on record so I had several days in Anchorage on my own that were overcast. The bears were feasting on salmon so we were able to observe a lot of behaviors. I've added a Alaska bear album under wildlife. I also added an Alaska album under travel for other photos. I went down to Seward and took a Kenai Fjord Tour. Luckily I changed the date to a day that was clear. I would love to visit Alaska again and stay longer!

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